Things you should know about this site:

SI has always been about quality not quantity since day one which is why the site isn’t updated daily but rather biweekly or triweekly.

If you’re looking for a carefully curated selection of the very best contemporary graphic design — exceptionally crafted work that truly inspires — you’ve come to the right place. SI prides itself in showcasing large/exclusive images of each project contributed by the original designers, studios and photographers (not just taken directly from their site). We don’t do anything smaller that 800px wide because you can’t truly appreciate the finer details in the “blog-friendly” 500px wide format.

Unfortunately the current version of this site doesn’t have pagination on the front page (that will change when the new design rolls out sometime this year). So in the meantime have fun browsing the visual categories for the older stuff and don’t forget to follow SI on Twitter and Subscribe for the latest updates.

Thank you for listening. We hope you enjoy your stay ;)

The old ‘About’ paragraph:
SeptemberIndustry is an online design journal/resource that showcases the very best in international graphic design & communication and everything in between every week. Having been established in early 2008, the site has since gained a large following of readers and has consequently gone on to receive much praise and support from industry professionals in and around the UK. This recognition has only been made possible as result of SeptemberIndustry’s dedication to the pursuit of good design.

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