GF Smith x Bruno Maag x SEA

Jul 9th, 2010

GF Smith x Bruno Maag x SEA

GF Smith x Bruno Maag x SEA

GF Smith x Bruno Maag x SEA

GF Smith x Bruno Maag x SEA

GF Smith x Bruno Maag x SEA

GF Smith x Bruno Maag x SEA

GF Smith x Bruno Maag x SEA

GF Smith x Bruno Maag x SEA

Naturalis x7 Brochure
Design SEA

“The latest of SEA’s Naturalis brochures for GF Smith unveils Bruno Maag’s new Design Aktiv Typeface. The brochure takes the form of a conversation with Creative Review editor Patrick Burgoyne about the project and Bruno’s feelings towards Helvetica.

The booklet is set in Aktiv Grotesk and was printed by Fulmar Colour using a mixture of Hexachrome and special inks on Naturalis Smooth Absolute White paper. “

This whole issue of Aktiv being a “Helvetica Killer” has sparked much debate on the CR blog all week. All I have to say about the matter is this: If Aktiv is to stand any chance of overtaking Helvetica, Bruno needs to give Steve Jobs and Steve Ballmer a call ;)

Thanks again to Alex @SEA for the images.

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  1. Tim

    Slightly ironic that Maag is ranting about how awful Helvetica is in a GF Smith document…?

  2. Tomi

    The 2 letters that bug me the most in Helvetica have been fixed, a and R. Very nice!!

  3. Luke

    Not overly enamored with this… Don’t really like the design (what’s with the crazy line-lengths?) and I’m not 100% sold on the font. The s looks like it’s falling back a bit and I think the contrast on the strokes is a bit much in some places… It is obviously better than Helvetica though – those capital Rs are always so disappointing.

    The closest anyone has got to the perfect Sans-serif since Akzidenz (in my opinion) is probably Gotham, although Kievit, Akkurat, Din and Avenir come damn close, all for very different reasons.

    Apologies for the entirely subjective and non-constructive post.

    This has inspired me to create the perfect Sans though… one day

  4. More poor work from Sea. The font itself i’m sure will be very popular although Univers is still a superior font. Sea have really gone down hill in the last few years, its dissapointing to say the least.

    Sorry Sea

  5. Patrick

    Interesting point Tim, because I know that the personnel at SEA has changed fairly significantly over the past 2 years, to the point where only the creative directors have remained consistent. Looks to have had a big affect on the quality of the work.

    Sad because they used to be one of the better agencies out there.

  6. Jane

    I totally disagree with you two – SEA only seem to produce better work over the years and this latest project for GF SMITH is in my view one of their best, I was lucky enough to pick one up at the private view. Also this font by Dalton Maag is an interesting attempt at breaking down our blinkered view of forever using the lazy option – Helvetica.

  7. Tim

    Jane – An interesting opinion, I can’t help but feel that their visual language is too constrained and most of the new work follows such a rigid visual language that you feel you have seen it before. I think one of most significant let downs in their recent output has to be the website which was enormously underwhelming by general consensus and dangerously illogical to use, especially considering its role in self promotion. As for the DM font, they do brilliant work and the ‘breaking down’ of many designers font selection i hope will see some more interesting and diverse results, and must i say a move away from this tiring ‘set style’ still adopted by only a few ex-generation studios.

  8. Christopher

    What do you think of this Jane?

    8VO ©Copyright

  9. Matt

    a well drawn but boring font.

    outdated design, pastiche only serves to cheapen the rich heritage of modernist design a company like SEA so deeply references.

  10. Dan

    This feels very reminiscent of 8vo’s work

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