Esquire – Exclusive

Aug 13th, 2010

Esquire   Exclusive

Esquire   Exclusive

Esquire   Exclusive

Esquire   Exclusive

Esquire   Exclusive

Esquire   Exclusive

Art Director David McKendrick
Designer Nick Millington

[column width="48%" padding="3%"]Intro by Jeremy Langmead
This is the first in an unapologetically sporadic series of Esquire zines that we’re putting together because we love the menswear industry — every last bit of it. Menswear is in a good place right now: this country not only hosts a talented array of designers and tailors, craftsmen and retailers, taste-makers and style-bloggers, but it also has an extraordinary number of fashion-forward, style savvy men of all ages who care about, and understand the importance of, their appearance. So, I suppose what we’re really saying with this Esquire zine is: “Hoorah for lovely us.” Does that sound boastful? Maybe, but I think it’s time the menswear world patted itself on the back.[/column] [column width="48%" padding="0%"]Design Rationale by David McKendrick
The Esquire zine – solely designed to celebrate men’s fashion week and the men’s wear industry during fashion week- was distributed to industry individuals as they entered fashion shows to give them something to read as they waited for the show to begin; we wanted it to feel simple, yet sophisticated and an item that hopefully people would keep a hold off. We designed it within the esquire brand toolkit of fonts, logos, icons, photography and illustrators so that it was instantly ‘Esquire’ but pairing it down to a clever format and two colour print job. It was also designed to feel like a manual with hints and tips, advice, humor that was delivered in a simple, bite size slices of information that the reader could dip in and out of.[/column] [end_columns]

For those of you who weren’t fortunate enough to receive a copy of the very first Esquire zine – Manual For A Stylish Life, an “ingeniously foldable compendium of interviews, trends, and advice, taking a sideways look at all things menswear,” I have the next best thing:

Six, hi-res images of this printed wonder specially shot for SI by Esquire. If you want to read the zine in its entirety, I shall be uploading the full-res images to the SI Flickr page shortly.

If that wasn’t enough, I’m also working with David on another BIG Esquire feature for SI – so don’t go anywhere (and don’t forget to Subscribe & follow SI on Twitter if you haven’t already) because it’s going to be EPIC!

Have a great weekend folks and a big thank you to both David and Nick @Esquire Towers for making this feature possible ;) .

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  1. Oliver

    This is a really beautiful piece of work.

  2. Well done Esquire for something interesting and beautiful in ‘mainstream’ UK publishing…

    Great post again David..

  3. David

    @Stuart Thanks for dropping by sir, glad you enjoyed the post :)

  4. Very beautiful. Seems a little bit aggressive with this orange color but overall it looks great.

  5. Nice post. The editorial design of Esquire magazine has always been a personal inspiration and entertainment of mine (less so since I adopted the iphone app…sorry). I agree entirely though with the above comment about the choice of orange – it just doesn’t seem on brand, or like an obvious extension of Esquire’s visual language. Maybe this points a new way forward…?

  6. Great! Love the short fall cover. The vivid 2 colour gives great contrast too.

  7. Nice to see something this interesting and nicely designed in a mainstream magazine. More of this is needed… bring back beautiful print!

  8. Alex

    There are definitely design cues from Monocle magazine. Very tight.

  9. Smashing work. Esquire have nailed that look for a while now – their supplements often carry the same aesthetic. Cheers for the high res too ;)

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