Friday Special: Studio 2br

May 21st, 2010

Friday Special: Studio 2br

Friday Special: Studio 2br

Friday Special: Studio 2br

Friday Special: Studio 2br

Friday Special: Studio 2br

Friday Special: Studio 2br

Friday Special: Studio 2br

Friday Special: Studio 2br

Friday Special: Studio 2br

Friday Special: Studio 2br

As SeptemberIndustry continues to grow, so do the number of submissions this site receives on a weekly basis. And amoungst the work that doesn’t fit the niche of this site, you discover rare gems that really get you excited about design. Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to introduce to you a fine selection of work from Studio 2br (or simply 2br) an independent design consultancy working with clients in the UK, Europe and the US. They provide large organisations with clear thinking, plain speaking and graphic design craft.

I hope you enjoy this post and have a great weekend. Thank you once again to Dave @2br for helping me end this week on such a high note.

10 images pictured above
Deutsche Bank agreed that it’s new brand and visual identity guidelines should exist physically as well as digitally. Having developed the new system over 12+ months, Studio 2br designed the new Deutsche Bank Brand Portal and produced an 80-page A3 guidelines book.

Printed in 8-colours on Fenner Paper Marazion 90gsm, with a silkscreened plastic wallet to protect it, the book is intended to set the bar and act as constant inspiration for Deutsche’s creative agencies.


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  1. Mark M.

    Beautiful! I see where my money goes :)

  2. David

    @Mark The strength of this printed communication alone is enough to make me switch banks :)

  3. Lovely work, top post there Mr.C

  4. Pure visual pornography. I want one of those! I really don’t know what to say about such a beautiful thing.

  5. mark

    our studio received a copy of these…. look fantastic.
    After seeing them initially in PDF format, it was great to actually see the spreads as they were intended.

  6. Lovely jubbly.

    Great to see some guidelines offered all that space, rather than the usual A4 landscape PDF format I’m so used to seeing (and being forced to create myself…)

  7. Lovely work, I’m sure Anton Stankowski would be please to see his logo handled with such craft and vigor.

  8. David

    @David Glad you dig the post :)
    @Mark Lucky you! it’s been a while since I’ve lusted after some solid identity guidelines!

  9. David

    @Craig Absolutely! 2br have done an amazing job with the layouts.

    For those of you interested in the history of the Deutsche Bank logo. Check out this PDF:

  10. lovely supporting work that is ussually left behind.

  11. Emil

    Lovely work, but I have to wonder how useful printed guidelines really are.

    A PDF is far cheaper to produce, and considerably easier to distribute.

    Did the designer have his portfolio in mind, or the clients needs?

  12. quite simply outstanding!

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