MadeThought – Exclusive Teaser

Jun 8th, 2011

teaser [ˈtiːzə]
1. a person who teases their audience with exceptional work from one of the world’s finest design firms. HD video here
2. (Business / Marketing) a preliminary advertisement in a campaign that attracts attention by making people curious to know what product is being advertised
3. a difficult question
4. Exclusive imagery, film & more from MadeThought coming soon to SeptemberIndustry…

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  1. Dan

    Consider me teased!

  2. Super exciting news! I’ve been waiting years for MadeThought to show some new work.

  3. David

    @Andrew I think we all have! Did I mention that a new site is on the way as well? Don’t think I did… ;)

  4. Loving the ‘quasi’ shot idea, proper intrigued!

  5. Andrew

    any chance of this exhibition being open on a weekend when designers can actually make the visit? would be a shame to miss the opportunity to see this…

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