MadeThought: Ten Years Yesterday – SI Special

Jun 24th, 2011

MadeThought: Ten Years Yesterday   SI Special

MadeThought: Ten Years Yesterday   SI Special

MadeThought: Ten Years Yesterday   SI Special

MadeThought: Ten Years Yesterday   SI Special

MadeThought: Ten Years Yesterday   SI Special

MadeThought: Ten Years Yesterday   SI Special

MadeThought: Ten Years Yesterday   SI Special

MadeThought: Ten Years Yesterday   SI Special

MadeThought: Ten Years Yesterday   SI Special

MadeThought: Ten Years Yesterday   SI Special

MadeThought: Ten Years Yesterday   SI Special

MadeThought: Ten Years Yesterday   SI Special

MadeThought: Ten Years Yesterday   SI Special

MadeThought: Ten Years Yesterday   SI Special

MadeThought: Ten Years Yesterday
— An Exhibition of Curiosity Cabinets Presenting our Thoughts, Work and Craft at Woodbridge & Rees

A 30 minute film showing 23 pieces of work for the exhibition ‘Ten Years Yesterday’

This is contemporary graphic design at its very finest. Period.

All I’ll say before I leave with you with a link to much larger versions of the images above – is appreciate this while you can because it will probably be another 10 years before we see anything like this again… FYI: For SI’s international readers and those of you who won’t be able to make it, this is the exhibition photographed in its entirety with video footage to come shortly ;)

Big thank you once again to Ben @ MadeThought for making this feature possible. If you (dear reader) are still reading this, expect another exclusive feature from MT soon…

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  1. Beautiful and inspiring work — as always. Thank you for this one SI!

  2. Adidas Fall winter typography is spot-on, absolutely fantastic body of work – awesome to see how it’s matured over the past 10 years.

    Congrats for hitting an amazing milestone @MadeThought

  3. Dave S

    Every single piece of work is here is quite literally lovely…An example of how going that extra mile can make such a difference in the quality of the finished product. Brilliant.

  4. All they need to do now is put this lovely stuff in a book that I can buy.

  5. Looks absolutely amazing , especially seen as a group of work. Love working with the guys at MT, here’s to the next 10 years.

  6. steve

    It’s enough to drive anyone to a bloody inferiority complex, thats how good it is!

  7. Excellent posting as always. Truly outstanding body of work and a great inspiration. Great to see unseen work alongside the more well known pieces.

    MT set the real benchmark for British graphic design. Looking forward to the next exclusive.

  8. Thanks for bringing the exhibition to people who do not live in London; great pictures, great resolution, and obviously great work!

  9. I have always been a massive fan of the work of Made Thought since becoming aware of them through Grafik magazine. Favorite pieces include the ‘Cutting Room’ identity, Est & Sons and of course their job on transforming Graphics International to Grafik but what were they thinking with the cliched falling type on the Stella Mccartney fall winter piece. That however is my only criticism of a fantastic body of work.

  10. David

    @Nick – You’re more than welcome :)

    @Simon – Amen to that ;)

    @Oscar – That’s one of the main reasons why I wanted to do this feature in the first place – promoting exceptional work on an international (not just national) stage :)

  11. brian

    made thought just have to be the masters of absolute simplicity, capturing only the essence of what is necessary! thanks for such a great post:)

  12. I’ll echo Oscar and say thank you for posting the exhibition. Living in the States makes it difficult to see some of these great exhibitions going on in the UK. Always inspiring and such lovely work.

  13. J

    What I love about MadeThought aside from their work of course is their attitude. They just (seemingly) quietly get on with their work not making a big song and dance and then suddenly, bam! They shove some genius in our faces and we all cry a little in realisation that we will never have a batch of work so good.

    Benchmark = Set. Can’t see how it can be raised until the next time MT rock up.

  14. Such fantastic work. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Really superb work.

    The video hurt by brain by being so awesome.

  16. Hats of to MT for ten years of incredible work and not one dud in the pack. Real talent on show.

  17. georg

    quick question:
    does anyone have a little more info on what MT are up to these days?
    the projects on their site are a couple of years old and i had a hard time finding out a little more about those guys.

    thanks in advance!

  18. David

    @Georg Patience is a virtue my friend. All I’ll say now is you’ll be the first to know about new work and the new site… ;)

  19. georg

    haha — thank you, sir!

  20. I love all of their work, but the stuff made for Established&Sons is my favourite… Beautiful exhibition!

  21. You’re doing an incredible job with this blog, thank you so much for it!

  22. C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S !
    S D L

  23. Bela Ferrer

    Can’t wait for the visit!

  24. John

    Don’t get me wrong I am a fan of made thought. Big fan. But it makes me cringe when people say “genius” and “makes my brain hurt” because lets face it Made Thought is style over substance. There are no real ground breaking ideas in a body of work that stretches over ten years.

  25. Popped in to the exhibition on Thursday, stunning work from MT. Was a little disappointed there was no supporting literature to take away, but beautiful work on show.

  26. Ayana

    all the work in the video was absolutely stunning.

  27. Ben


    How would you classify ‘ground-breaking’?

    There is always an idea behind MT’s work. For example: the 60° line used in the Design Miami ⁄ mark references the link between the show’s two locations, Miami and Basel.
    The point is, these ideas are crafted with such rigor and consideration that even the oldest work looks as contemporary and relevant as the latest.
    To me, that in itself is ground-breaking.

    Maybe you’re into more obvious smile in the mind approach though?

  28. John

    @ ben

    I wouldn’t say that. I have an appreciation for all graphic communication. I just don’t see how a style that has remained the same as you have put it is ground breaking.

    What’s ground breaking about that? There not the first design studio to do that?
    North, Spin, Sea, Why not associates, Designers Republic.

    Landing on the moon is ground breaking, being the first to do something that no-one else has done is ground breaking. Check these guy’s out

    They are ground breaking. Neville Brody is ground breaking, I feel that studios that push the boundries of design to break into new factions are ground breaking.

    Maybe your to into move it to the left two tabs, No no move it back a tab jump on the mac and make it look nice approach?

  29. Nice blog, which reveals the work of all walks of life. Regarding the above works are really interesting, especially in typography.

  30. Rhys

    Can anybody help me with the typeface used for the ESTABLISHED & SONS piece. The seventh image down?

  31. David

    @Rhys A bit of specificity would be nice ;) The typefaces used for the Est & Sons work are: Helvetica Neue and Didoni

  32. Rhys

    @David i thought everyone knew what helvetica neue looked like :P

  33. brian

    @ John
    They may not be the first, but their style is distinctive and thoroughly thought through. The attention to detail is the idea. Northkingdom feels old already the second it’s produced. Looks like they are sponging off all the tricksy styles ‘seen before’ nothing ‘ground breaking’ there at all. One can look at the MT work forever. They have come to own a look and strong sense of design which is evident in every piece.

    BEN, I couldn’t agree with you more. Sometimes the idea is the strength of the design, not an ‘ad’ idea as we know it :)

  34. John

    @ Brian

    My original point was that they are not ground breaking. You have even said that yourself. That’s all I was saying.

    If you took time to read through the case studies on Northkingdom it’s the user experience that is ground breaking. The reason you feel that they are dated is because they may have to work to “GUIDELINES” especially for Adidas, which is a huge global brand, Something your probably not familiar with because you spend all your time looking at MT. Which is probably your problem.

    I could guarantee I could pick a 50 projcts from this site 10 of which would be MT and you wouldn’t be able to pick them.

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