OPX – Lab Craft

Nov 17th, 2010
OPX   Lab Craft

Here is a rather handsome exhibition identity, signage and catalogue designed by my good friend David (Creative Director) & the team at OPX London. The laser-engraved wood is a lovely touch and is something you don’t see that too often on SI ;). Cheers again to David for the nice big images and project info (which you can read more about on the right).

If you are new to the work of OPX, definitely check out some of these older posts.

Crafts Council — Lab Craft
Our brief was to develop an identity for their touring exhibition ‘Lab Craft – Digital Adventures in Contemporary Craft’ – an event programme jointly curated by the Crafts Council and Max Fraser (design journalist and author). Lab Craft showcases makers who employ cutting-edge digital technologies (such as rapid prototyping, laser cutting, laser scanning and digital printing) and explores the use of technology as an extension to the capabilities of the human hand.

In collaboration with Tomoko Azumi (t.n.a design studio) we designed a visual identity and the exhibition’s printed materials, we wanted a typeface that had a monospaced and stencil fill as we knew we were going to laser etch card and other materials we settled for Monosten A by COLOPHON. The paper we used was Fedrigoni papers (Woodstock Camoscio 80gsm and Symbol Freelife Raster 200gsm) these stocks had a great texture to them and helped reinforce the ‘craft’ feel.

We were excited about how the digital technologies could be used in the exhibition design itself how the rapid prototyping to produce a 3D Crafts Council logo could look and laser-engraving for the Lab Craft logo and captions the results really helped combine the work and exhibition graphics as a whole.

The designs shown here are reproduced courtesy of the Crafts Council and the photography is reproduced courtesy of Sophie Mutevelian.

OPX   Lab Craft

OPX   Lab Craft

OPX   Lab Craft

OPX   Lab Craft

OPX   Lab Craft

OPX   Lab Craft

OPX   Lab Craft

OPX   Lab Craft

OPX   Lab Craft

OPX   Lab Craft

OPX   Lab Craft

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  1. Mark M.

    Nice job David! The other David ;) Nice use of materials.


  2. Matthijs

    Great post. Beautiful work. If I may ask, what font would it be that is used on the displays? (I don’t mean the Monosten A you mention in the post). It looks like Calvert (adobe). Could that be correct?

  3. This is lovely – love the simplicity and natural feel about it. Great to see the many different applications as well. Great job.

  4. Joe

    I’m curious about the font as well, look s beautiful etches in the materials.

  5. David

    @Matthijs @Joe Looks like DaMa Lexia.


    Will have to wait for the another David to confirm ;)

  6. @ Matthijs @Joe Spot on the Crafts Council guideline specs Calvert, a beautiful typeface that worked really well with the Monosten. It was great experimenting with it and were really happy with the results.

  7. Matthijs

    @David: thanks for the suggestion. I’m not sure it is Lexia, I see some differences. My bet is still on Calvert :)
    But maybe we will find out.

  8. Matthijs

    Thanks David (OPX). Again the work is beautiful.

    (seems our responses yesterday crossed)

  9. Dan

    One of my favourite agencies, consistent and intelligent.

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