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Apr 23rd, 2010

Process Journal   Design Rationale[column width="47%" padding="4%"]Work is currently underway on Edition Two of Process having already secured some very exciting content and contributors along with a new typeface and some new production processes. In the meantime, Edition One is available (shipping worldwide) at

Thank you for checking out Edition 2.5 of Sessions – an exclusive look into the design rationale behind some of the best contemporary design projects. Keep a look out for the third edition featuring none other than Gavillet & Rust! Have a great weekend people and thank you once again to Thomas Williams and Nicholas Cary for contributing.
[/column] [column width="46%" padding="0"]Process Journal   Design Rationale[/column] [end_columns]

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  1. Mark M.

    Great post! Really nice editorial design.

  2. David

    @Mark Don’t you mean booktorial design? – “We like to consider Process as more of a printed documentary that falls somewhere between a book and a magazine.” ;)

  3. D

    Great to see a piece on the design side of things. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Mark M.

    Yes I agree. I thought about that while I went to get a cup of coffee. Sorry, very nice booktorial.



  5. David

    @D Glad you enjoyed it sir!

    @Mark No need to apologise, categorizing a project such as this is nearly always problematic! As quoted above, this project is the middle ground between a book and a magazine, so its probably best we call it publication design. :)

  6. still waiting for mine to arrive in the mail. it’s a long journey from down under.

  7. Mark M.

    Eh. Whatever. It’s nice! ;)


  8. I love looking at process screens! I definitely can’t wait for my order to come and feel this in my hands! Great, great work

  9. David

    @Neas Issue 2 should be just as good, if not, better! ;)

  10. Very nice work! Looking forward to the next issue! /H

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