SEA × GF Smith – SI Special

May 25th, 2011

SEA × GF Smith   SI Special

SEA × GF Smith   SI Special

SEA × GF Smith   SI Special

SEA × GF Smith   SI Special

SEA × GF Smith   SI Special

SEA × GF Smith   SI Special

SEA × GF Smith   SI Special

SEA × GF Smith   SI Special

GF Smith — Master Specifier 2011
The latest master specifier designed for GF Smith reflects varying priorities when selecting paper and is the ultimate toolkit for design and print professionals.

As a break from the hero imagery seen on previous selectors we focused our attention on the materials GF Smith offer, allowing their qualities to show by keeping print/finishing to single colour on and silver foil (with the exception of 4-colour break pages in the chip books).

Housed in a Pale Grey one-piece Clamshell box, six books guide the user through the paper selection process.

Select Colour
The entire collection of colour stocks shown as chips by colour and shade, with accompanying stock charts broken up by pages of photography.

Select Black+White
All black, white and every monochrome shade in-between shown as chips, with accompanying stock charts.

1 Colorplan/2 Smooths/3 Textures/4 Specials
Individual books showing every colour and weight as a large swatch, grouped by paper/brand type and interleaved with Factory Yellow spec pages that double as section dividers.

SEA × GF Smith   SI Special

SEA × GF Smith   SI Special

SEA × GF Smith   SI Special

SEA × GF Smith   SI Special

SEA × GF Smith   SI Special

SEA × GF Smith   SI Special

SEA × GF Smith   SI Special

SEA × GF Smith   SI Special

SEA × GF Smith   SI Special

GF Smith — Print Test: Digital paper promotion
Over the course of the last 15 years digital technology has been quietly revolutionising the print industry. Yet the limited potential of early digital equipment to handle a variety of quality papers hasn’t always lived up to a paper specifiers expectations. Recent advances have seen new digital presses handle a huge variety of textures, colours, recycled papers and non-paper-based substrates.

GF Smith approached us to create a Digital paper promotion to showcase their expansive portfolio of digital papers, as well as, the technological potential of the latest digital presses.

Without the restrictions posed by plates on lithographic machines, one of the most exciting possibilities offered by digital print technology is ‘personalisation’ or ‘variable imaging’ — allowing for unique prints to be produced from an established document framework. With that in mind we worked with digital artists FIELD to create a series of 10,000 unique abstract digital illustrations, drawing inspiration from the micro details of paper fibres.

Generative processes combined code with pre-determined colour palettes. The vibrance, colour and shapes of the resulting illustrations were caught in the dynamic digital print medium. Each highly detailed image shows a glimpse of the digital sculpture – but it’s entirety remains hidden.

We worked closely with Pure Print to produce all the elements of the swatch. Each sleeve was composed using an RGB variable data publishing workflow; a fusion of a 10,000 record CSV database, our Indesign layout and FIELD’s stream of unique digital illustrations. To reproduce each illustration’s on-screen vibrancy and saturation, the files were directed to a high-performance Production Pro RIP which converted each illustration from sRGB to a press profiled CMYK colour space. The final sheets were printed on Naturalis Absolute White Smooth 330gsm in CMYK from two HP Indigo 7500 digital presses, printing a classic 175 screen.

We worked with four different digital print suppliers to produce the samples folder, each printer specialising in a different digital print technology and techniques.

This week’s edition of SI is going to be a week of exclusives and to start things off the right way (before Friday comes along – you know what that usually means) we have some brand new work designed by SEA for GF Smith one of Europe’s leading paper specialists.

Now some of you may have already laid eyes upon the visually striking Print Test project – a collaboration between SEA and FIELD. But many of you have probably never seen the GF Smith: Master Specifier – a project that has been in development for over a year – and it gives me great pleasure to share these high-res images with you all before this handsome swatch book lands on every designers desk around the country!

Big thank you once again to Alex and Danny @ SEA for making this feature possible.

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  1. Another great article. Thanks.

    I find it interesting that the sleeve illustrations show hints of being scrunched paper. A desired effect or happy accident from the variable data perhaps?

  2. Beautiful work yet again from the masters of design.

    Love the crossing of digital technology to produce the generative art with the flawless print production.

    Pure gold.

  3. Connor

    Master Specifier looks beautiful. I love the big Helvetica numerals and layout on the spine.

  4. Dh

    Yeah, SEA’s GF Smith stuff is always good. Really enjoy receiving their stuff in the mail.

  5. amazing work
    such a great article

  6. Sara

    I love Sea’s work on other projects but their work with GF Smith is a great example of a unique client relationship consistently producing great work.

  7. James is right on the money, this is pure gold! Can’t wait to get mine!

  8. These look awesome. Anyone know how to get a copy? I have one of their older swatch book also designed by Sea but would love an updated version. Great post as always!

  9. I’m so in love with these. The colors and layout are beautiful.

  10. beautiful work. clean, simple yet striking!

  11. If it wasn’t for this article I would never have understood what the select flyer was about that I got in the post.

  12. Great work as ever from SEA, exquisitely complemented by Lee Funnell’s photography.

  13. Joel

    Lovely as ever.
    Now if I can just get GF Smith to open a division in Australia…

  14. Jon

    SEA have created such a strong identity for GF Smith – everything is so tight and consistent….. and collectible!. Looks great. Hats off.

  15. Pete

    Beautiful imagery… although the typography of Sea is looking little dated now.

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