Session 1: Commonwealth x Build x Saccenti

Jul 10th, 2009

Session 1: Commonwealth x Build x Saccenti

[column width="48%" padding="3%"]Lard series furniture by Commonwealth
Photography by Timothy Saccenti
Photographic retouching by DopePope
Art direction/Design by Build
Print by Generation Press

[/column] [column width="48%" padding="0"] The Brief To design a catalogue (utilising photography by Timothy Saccenti) showing off their range of prototype furniture called the ‘Lard series’ to be given out to prospective manufacturers.[/column] [end_columns]

[column width="48%" padding="3%"]The Solution Designed & printed on a tight budget we decided upon the format of slipcase, and 3 sets of concertina folded inserts. This sidestepped the cost of any binding which had we done would have wiped out the budget pretty much before we started.[/column] [column width="43%" padding="0"] The outer slipcase & inners are intended to mimic the furniture range but in reverse—the furniture is very plain and un-textured on the outside but the inside of the draws etc. are heavily textured. We decided on featuring the text (written by Zoe Coombes) on the outer slipcase (clear foil-blocked, with extra deep impression) mimicking the textural parts of the furniture.[/column] [end_columns]

The three parts of the catalogue (slipcase, Insert 1&2, Insert 3) consist of recycled box board, Phoenix Motion & Cyclus Offset printed items respectively. Inserts 1 & 2 carry Timothy’s beautiful photography of the furniture with minimal info, and a short bio on Commonwealth. Insert 3 (printed single colour) shows technical drawings of the furniture, by cropping into these the drawings became more image like in quality and not so harsh. The whole package is then kept together by the use of die-cut shoulders in the slipcase and a good old ‘laggy-band (you have no idea how long it took for us to source the right size/width!)

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  1. David

    Thank you Michael, Timothy, Zoe & David

    Check out more hi-res images on Flickr

  2. great stuff and inspiring

  3. Nice!

    Hey David, by the way, your RSS never displays images. I’ve tried re-subscribing numerous times but they never show up. Just wanted you to know.

  4. Well done!

  5. David

    Antonio, call me old fashioned but I don’t really use RSS feeds, personally I prefer checking the website itself. But thanks again for the notification, I’ll have a look into it.

    X, Thank you :)

  6. Kevin

    Great work and nicely put together.

  7. David

    Thank you Kevin

  8. Thank you for the feature David.

  9. David SI

    No problem Michael, it was the least I could do.
    Work as good as this deserves not only to be seen, but also written & talked about.

  10. I think a mention of Generation Press, who printed this lovely job, should be added.
    Quality from all parties.

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