Stockholm Design Lab x Askul

Sep 9th, 2009

Stockholm Design Lab x Askul
Stockholm Design Lab x Askul

Askul Packaging Development
Design Stockholm Design Lab

“ASKUL is a rapidly expanding Japanese mail-order company. The company offers 41,000 items rating from OA/PC Supllies, stationery, furniture and food to clothes. The product range includes well-known brands but also the company’s own private brand products.
Stockholm Design Lab has mainly worked with design for ASKUL’s private brand. Our aim has been to distinguish these products in a clear and graphical way: clarity equals more sales. The key has been to find and use symbols that are easy for the customers to understand at first glace, for example the size (1-4) for the batteries, the drops for the wet wipes and the line space for the note books.”

It’s no secret on SeptemberIndustry, that I really enjoy the work of Stockholm Design Lab. I’m not going to get into specifics because quite frankly, if you’re a fellow practitioner of design (and you know the difference between Verdana & Futura) it should be pretty obvious why this proudly Scandinavian design firm makes designers wet themselves with excitement.
Nevertheless, they were featured last month so why are they up here again? Yes, there is some new work on their site – namely packaging for IKEA, however, I recently acquired some large /images of their Askul work including some less familiar pieces, which I thought I’d share with you (dear reader).
For more gratuitous images head over to the SeptemberIndustry Flickr page.

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  1. We must shop at the same store David.
    Love the Askul images over on your Flickr. Great.

  2. David

    Obviously we both have good taste ;)

  3. Hi David, Hey Dave,

    I’ll confirm you both have great taste.
    I’ll also confirm that SDL are pretty much ‘the shit’ (as some people would say).

    Great stuff on your Flickr David.
    Thanks for posting.

  4. David

    My pleasure Bob. Glad we both see eye to eye ;)

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