William Hall

Mar 19th, 2010

William Hall

William Hall

William Hall

William Hall

Mother of Pearl Stationery and continuity sheets
Design William Hall

“Mother of Pearl is a clothing brand which uses technical fabrics such as those used in sportswear in a collection of luxury womenswear.

Examples include a non-creasing silk hoodie which rolls into its own pocket for transport, then uncrumples and fastens with magnets. Many of the items have lasercut elements or feature complex pattern cutting.

The stationery is a statement of intent, and a reflection of the brand values of Mother of Pearl. They aim to be innovative, audacious, experimental, stylish, and pioneering.

Using a three column grid, foiling and a large debossed area the letterhead features a large (126mm square) black block, which contributes a significant visual statement and echoes the square fabric label used on some garments. Anyone receiving a letter from Mother of Pearl immediately understands they are a company that innovates and enjoys the potential of doing things differently.

Most importantly this letterhead – and every other item in the stationery – is entirely functional, simple, and elegant.”

The last 3 images – continuity sheets for the Mother of Pearl stationery – are, according to William, SI “exclusives” so please be thankful! Other than that, there isn’t much else to say; 2 brand new projects have been added to the site (just last night in fact) and as you’d expect, they are nothing short of stunning. One really has to commend the skill and discipline that goes into communicating the values of a brand with so little!

Super, hi-res images can be found on Flickr here.

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  1. The combination of the pure white, deep grey/black and delicate gold foiling with the texture is superb.

  2. David

    It is quite exquisite!

  3. Ol yeah… show us more stuff like this. Exquisite, pure, luxurious and horribly expensive. I like it.

  4. Boldis Media

    Black block is very attractive!

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